Acerca de nosotros

About us

OT BCS Logística, trade name of the company Caamano Beatriz Sanchez, started in 2004 by a family dedicated to transportation since 1975. Located in the center of the town of Ordes (La Coruña, Spain), where our network communications are accessible to all our customers.

OT BCS Logística is a company that specialises in transportation of all types of goods, nationally and internationally. Our services range from the transportation of goods to the integral management of receipt and exit of goods from our customers, whether with their own facilities or resources, according to specific needs.

OT BCS Logística offers its customers a modern fleet, equipped with the latest technologies and lateral type semi low tautliner, seimtautliner, canvas folding, all with generic ADR licenses, ensuring that we are able to meet any transportation needs with the utmost safety and security, complemented with a monitoring service and merchandise to completion and delivery.

We have a highly skilled and continuously trained team, able to solve any situation on the service we provide.

Our goal and slogan is to provide a quality service: efficient, flexible, timely and secure at a competitive price, to customers throughout the European Union and the international arena.

  • Located in Ordes (La Coruña, Spain)
  • Transportation of all types of goods, nationally and internationally
  • Modern fleet equipped with the latest technologies
  • Utmost safety and security
  • Highly skilled and continuously trained team
  • Quality service at a competitve price